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Aluminum Bus Bar

imgbackselWatteredge is an industry leader in fabricated Aluminum Bus Bar products. Regardless of whether your need is more structural, or electrical, our engineers can help you choose the right type of aluminum and the best way to custom manufacture it to meet your most demanding applications. From precision milled assemblies to high volume punched and stamped components, put our team to work for you, in ensuring your product meets the highest quality standards in manufacturing today.

Check out our Aluminum Bus Bar quick reference chart below:

Typical GradesTypical Options/AccessoriesTypical Applications
Structural Grade: 6061 Plating: Silver, Tin Bus Duct
Structural Grade: 5052 Insulation: Heat Shrink, Powder Coat Bus Clamps
Electrical Grade: 1100 Bus Supports
Electrical Grade: 1350 Insulators
Electrical Grade: 6101 Electrolytic Processes


Have detailed design drawings? We can fabricate to your specifications.

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