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Company History

Watteredge was originally started in 1949 as the Watteredge Company and then became known as Watteredge-Uniflex in 1972. In a total modernization effort of the company between 2000 and 2006, new company branding logic resulted in new marketing strategies and corporate identification policies for a consistent graphic representation of Watteredge.

The building space available encompasses 75,000 sq.ft. of which 60,000 is dedicated to manufacturing. Further expansion is in discussion and planning stages. The machine shop area continues to have equipment added for CNC turning and milling operations as well as new punching and forming equipment to accommodate new work and customers for present day, flexible copper bus requirements. Recent upgrades and remodeling to the ongoing expansion continues to streamline operations and add additional capabilities to offer more products and service to existing and new customers.

At the present time, the company employs 120 Partners. The average amount of time with the company is 8 years, but supervisory Partners average 26 years. The Partners are highly motivated with many having supplemented their work experience with job training courses. Our Engineering Partners average over 9 years in the electrical power field, making them the most experienced in the market today.