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Electrical Bus Tubes and Secondary Bus Systems

 Our complete line of high current secondary AC and DC custom Copper & Aluminum Bus Bars and Bus Tubes are specifically engineered for our customers' applications.

Bus systems are sized based on the applications requirements considering variables such as:  current, voltage elevation, voltage drop, ambient air temperature and maximum allowable bus temperature.

The commonly accepted rule of thumb for initial sizing of high conductivity copper bus is: 3,000 amps per square inch for water cooled applications and 900 amps per square inch for air cooled applications. This is a typical  starting point for the proper engineering design of the bus for the specific application.

Electrical Bus Tubes

 Although bus tubes are most effective for AC systems, they have found use in high current DC applications where the connector simplifies the water cooling circuit.

For high current and AC systems, the best conductor form is a Bus Tube. The annulus cross section, when sized properly, minimizes the skin effect and AC resistance.

Air Cooled  Bus Tubes
Southwire manufactures a full line of Air Cooled Bus Tubes for use in any application where strength and lower AC resistance are a concern. The use of a properly designed, properly sized, air cooled bus systems will effectively decrease electrical resistance.

Water Cooled Bus Tubes
Southwire manufactures a full line of Water Cooled Bus Tubes for use in any application where size, weight and cost are a concern. Water cooled bus allows the designer to use less copper and reduce the overall size of the bus system as compared to air cooled bus. The tradeoff is increased voltage drop of the system. 



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