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Custom Part Fabrication - Hard to Find and Obsolete Parts

Southwire has the capability to custom manufacture new parts for high current conducting power equipment that are hard to source. We work with all types of metals including all grades of copper, aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel.

Re-Engineering Capabilities

We can take an existing part design, create our own design or collaborate to create a composite design to fabricate to optimize an OEM specification or provide added advantage based on our expertise.

Key to our successful part fabrication capabilities is our proficiency in assessing the total process from design to implementation. Our core process integrates delivering optimal performance at lower costs throughout the entire fabrication cycle.

We also take the equipment’s environment into consideration–if installations are in harsh operating conditions, Southwire can recommend and provide optimal finishing that extends equipment life.

With over 50 years of experience in engineering design and collaborative manufacturing, we make it easy to replace the hard to find and obsolete parts in many low voltage/high current power products.

Hard to Find and Obsolete Parts we specialize in:

  • Custom flexible connectors
  • Battery connectors
  • Battery inter-cell connectors
  • Traction battery products
  • Laminated flexible assemblies
  • Press welded terminals



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