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Engineering Design and Custom Fabrication Capabilities

Our design and engineering team is fully integrated into the custom fabrication process enabling us to provide completely integrated manufacturing solutions for projects of all sizes. We combine our deep machining knowledge and engineering skills to take customer concepts to reality with a focus on higher quality and reliability.

The Southwire team of design and engineering fabrication experts provide several metal fabrication services including precise CNC machining to bending, milling, turning, punching forming, and so much more.

We also work with a large variety of metals throughout virtually every stage of the design cycle from concept through detailed design and prototyping to volume production and end-of-life support.

Trusted Expertise in Engineering and Fabrication Capabilities

We offer a range of design engineering capabilities and custom fabrication technology to support our customers' complex needs in many areas including:

  • Concurrent and Early involvement Engineering practices
  • Lean manufacturing practices
  • Advance Quality Planning
  • Current and Emerging Technology
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Full Electronic Interface (Catia, CAD, Pro-E, Cad-Key, AutoCAD)
  • ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Continuous Improvement Practices



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