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Sheet Metal Punching & Forming

Our CNC machine shop capabilities include sheet metal punching and forming. We work with all types of metals including all grades of copper, aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel.

A key part of our equipment includes the PII-88 Dual Operator Ironworker, which has dual-operator controls for the punch station and shear/coper stations with an automatic urethane hold down on the plate and angle shear. Both ends of the machine can be operated independently of each other at the same time which allows for two simultaneous operations.

A large, open punch station allows the use of a virtually unlimited range of standard accessories and special tooling, in addition to a 24" plate shear capacity.

Sheet Metal Punching and Forming Capabilities

EquipmentShear CapacitiesPunch Capacities @ 88 TonsBending Capacities
Piranha Ironworker PII88 1/4" thick x 20" wide 1-1/16" diameter through 1" thick plate To 3/4" thick x 10" wide
  5/8" thick x 12" wide 5" diameter through 3/16" thick plate To 1/2" thick x 14" wide
  3/4" thick x 8" wide    



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