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Waterjet Cutting

Southwire's custom fabrication capabilities include waterjet cutting. Our water jets use pressurized water up to 87,000 psi (5998 bar) which can cut through virtually any material with clean, weldable edges that have little or no burr.

Waterjet cutting capabilities includings cutting a variety of applications with ease including metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and stainless steel, as well as composites, rubber and even plastics.

The only materials that cannot be cut with our waterjet are tempered glass, diamonds and certain ceramics.

Waterjet Cutting Tolerances

  • For materials under 1 inch thick our waterjet cutting generally holds tolerances of +/-0.001" to 0.005" (0.025mm to 0.127mm).
  • For materials over 1 inch thick our waterjet cutting generally holds tolerances +/- 0.005 to 0.100 inch (.127mm to 2.54mm).
  • Our high performance XY table is designed to have an accuracy of about 0.005-inch linear positional accuracy or better.
  • Cutting envelope 13ft x 22ft

Custom Fabrication Advantages with Waterjet Cutting

  • Extremely versatile process
  • No Heat Affected Zones
  • No mechanical stresses
  • Thin stream (0.020to 0.050 inch in diameter)
  • Extremely detailed geometry, producing near finished parts
  • Thin material cutting up to 10 inch thick cutting
  • Stack cutting
  • Omni-directional cutting
  • Little material loss due to cutting
  • Low cutting forces (under 1 lb. while cutting)
  • Reduced secondary operations, reduced cost

Whatever the shape, dimensions, or material, our waterjet cutting capabilities eliminates the need for drilling and punching.

Our advanced CNC, CAM and Solid Works technologies enable us to maintain tight control over quality to exact specifications or to OEM specifications.

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