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Southwire's in-house brazing capabilities can help reduce assembly cost, while still maintaining lmechanically and electrically sound leak-tight joints.

Brazing, also called silver soldering, is another method of permanent material assembly that can often be used as a substitute for the welding process.

As in welding, brazing makes use of heat and a filler metal to join metals. Brazing differs from welding by using a broad heat (rather than the concentrated heat of a welding electrode) to raise the joint temperature to lower then the melting point of the base materials, but higher than that of the filler metal.

The metallurgical bond formed in this process results in high joint strength, often exceeding that of the base materials. The lower temperature used versus welding can help maintain base metal properties and reduce distortion, which is especially useful with thinner material sections.

In addition to excellent mechanical properties, since most braze filler metals contain significant amounts of Silver; the joints produced by brazing can have high electrical conductivity.




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