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Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW/MIG) Capabilities

Watteredge LLC welding capabilities include gas metal arc welding (metal inert gas/MIG) welding. We work with steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper alloys to support our custom fabrication processing for many industries including:

  • Food Services
  • Water Treatment
  • Energy
  • Steel Processing

Our AWS certified welders can tackle any size MIG welding project, from small XXX to large air and water cooled deltas and bus assemblies all made on site at our facility. We use the weld type and/or joint that will best suit the application for the highest quality finished product.

Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW/MIG) Capabilities

Pressure Piping and Pressure Vessels
ASME Section IX Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code

  • G.M.A.W. 6-G/ 6” ½” wall 7/8” and Over Pipe Weld Test
  • G.M.A.W. 6-G, 6.0” Copper Pipe Weld Test
  • G.M.A.W. 304S.S .250” Diameter Horizontal Fillet Weld

AWS D1.1 2004 Structural Steel Welding code

  • G.M.A.W. A36, 3/8”, 3G Groove Weld Test
  • G.M.A.W., A36, 1”, 1G Groove Weld Test

AWS D1.1 (96) Structural Welding Code

  • S.M.A.W. 1” Vertical Groove Weld Test
  • F.C.A.W. 1” Vertical Groove Weld Test

AWS D1.2 (90) Structural Welding Code

  • G.M.A.W. 1/8” Horizontal Fillet Weld Test

On Site Field Welding Services

In addition to new products Watteredge can also repair products previously in service, regardless of original manufacturer. Whether it is arc damage, repair of water leaks or other damage, repair services can often offer significant savings in both lead time and project cost.

Watteredge field technicians are OSHA certified ensuring that a high priority will be placed on safe completion of the task at hand. We also offer field service on both a scheduled maintenance basis as well as for emergency repair.

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