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Industrial Flexible Electrical Connectors

The Watteredge line of industrial flexible connectors and assemblies include a broad variety of flexible connectors, terminals, braided connectors and laminated shunts designed to provide optimal electrical values while effectively eliminating the costly problem associated with resistive voltage losses. For those less demanding applications, Watteredge also manufactures riveted custom shunts.

We offer our unique press welded process for braided connectors and shunts that maintains resistance values equal to those of flat copper bar. This lower resistance minimizes voltage loss and reduces current imbalances making these the most cost effective braided connectors and shunts available.

Braided Flexible Connectors

Watteredge Braided Flexible Connectors and Braided Cables deliver the maximum amount of electrical power at peak efficiency. Our braided flexible connectors can be made to exact specifications with our unique press welded advantage.

Industrial Battery Connectors

Watteredge/MSS's Industrial Battery Accessory Manufacturing Division offers a range of high quality industrial battery connectors, terminals, cables, inter-cell connectors and  terminal pillars for the dynamic industrial battery market.

Insulated Cable Assemblies 

Watteredge insulated power cables and cable assemblies are made from insulated wire designed to customers specific applications. Cable termination options include using crimped lugs, compression terminals or the Watteredge unique press welded compression terminals. 

Laminated Copper Shunts

Watteredge custom-made Laminated Shunts provide optimal electrical values, while effectively eliminating the costly problem associated with resistive voltage losses.

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