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High Current Industrial Power Cables

Southwire manufactures several types of extremely durable high current air cooled and water cooled industrial power cables.

Our experts design and fabricate power cables to exact application specifications–from simple air cooled cables and braided cables to complex coaxial water cooled cable assemblies and cables designed for specialty thermal transfer conduction applications.

High Current Air Cooled Power Cables

We manufacture high current air cooled power cables using non-insulated copper wire with different cable termination methods including crimped lugs, compression terminals or our unique press welded compression terminals.

Southwire air cooled cables come with wide array of options to fit specific needs and applications including isolated conductor jumpers, stabilizer collars, extra flexibility and cover sleeve options.

We offer air cooled cable and jumper sizes ranging from 350–2,000 MCM. For highly specialized applications, our custom fabrication capabilities allow us to manufacture to any customer specification.

Whether the cable need is for resistance welding, telecommunications, plating processes, grounding or furnace applications, all our air cooled cables are designed to perform with maximum efficiency and economy.

Water Cooled Power Cables

Southwire employs exclusive design and construction of high current water cooled power cables resulting in longer life, greater flexibility and increased water flow at reduced pressures. Our water cooled coaxial cables are designed and fabricated to provide the lowest possible inductive reactance of any secondary flexible connector available.

We provide water cooled cables in a standard construction rope lay design and an exclusive concentric construction design. Southwire offers several hose cover options that include abrasion protection covers, splash covers and thermal protection covers. Additional options available include various terminal designs.

Our water cooled cable sizes range from small jumpers for resistance welding applications up to 20,0000 MCM cables that are used in electric steel making furnaces.

All our flexible power cables are designed and assembled to customer specifications for maximum power and reliability applications that demand a robust cable construction needed for maximum efficiency and long cable life.



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