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Watteredge produces a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of many industries.

Watteredge is dedicated to providing advanced power distribution solutions that enable our customers' long term success. We are pioneers who drive technology with our innovations including the patented vacuum interrupter technology used in in high current, low voltage DC shorting switches, unique press welded flexible connectors and alternate polarity water cooled power cables.

Our innovative products and services are a top choice in many of the highly demanding markets we serve.


  • Satellite Electrical Grounding, Thermal Control and DC Current Conduction Applications
  • Resistance Welding and Aerospace Subassembly Resistance Welding Applications

Automotive and Appliance

  • Resistance Welding Equipment for Automotive and Appliance Manufacturing Applications
  • High Current Traction Drive Systems for Automotive Applications
  • Industrial Hoses and Specialty Tubing for Appliances

Chemicals and Plastics

  • High Current Switches for Electrolytic Processes and Chlor-Alkali Metals Refining
  • Custom Industrial Hoses and Specialty Tubing for Chemical and Plastics Manufacturing Processes

Energy, Power Generation and Electrical Power

  • Flexible Connectors for Power Generation Applications
  • DC Current Conducting Products for UPS (Interruptible Power Supply) and Substation Systems Applications
  • Water Cooled Cables for Energy Research Applications

Steel and Metals Refining

  • Flexible Power Cables for High Temperature Furnace Applications
  • High Temperature Hose and Specialty Hose for Furnace Hose Applications
  • High Temperature Furnace Insulation Products
  • Custom fabricated copper products and copper bus products used in high temperature furnace applications

Food and Beverage Processing

  • Custom engineered food and beverage hose and tubing is used in many food and beverage applications

Government Industry/Military Industry/National Laboratory Industry

  • Electrical Bus Bars, Flexible Connectors, Industrial Battery Connectors and Ground Bars for Telecommunications Applications
  • Copper Grounding Bars, Laminated Shunts and Electrical Bus Bars for Space Satellites/NASA projects


  • Grounding and Bonding Solutions for Data Centers and Equipment Rooms
  • Datacom Groundingand DC Current Conduction Solutions for Datacom Systems


  • Flexible Connectors, Copper Grounding Bars and Custom Fabricated Copper Conductors for MRI Diagnostic Imaging DC Power and Thermal Control Applications



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