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Automotive and Appliance Industry

We design and manufacture a full array of high performance resistance welding cables and flexible connectors found in application specific resistance welding machinery used for automotive and appliance manufacturing processes. Watteredge’s high quality resistance welding products are a top choice among these industries due to their high performance and long-life.

Resistance Welding Equipment for Automotive and Appliance Manufacturing Applications

Watteredge is a major supplier to the global automotive and appliance manufacturing industry. Our high performance custom manufactured heavy duty high current power cables, terminals and laminated shunts can be found in highly precise resistance welding operations specified by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the appliance, electronic, and consumer electronics product industries.

Watteredge products used in Automotive and Appliance resistance welding manufacturing applications include:

  • Air Cooled Power Cables
  • Air Cooled Kickless Cables
  • Water Cooled Alternate Polarity (Kickless) Cables
  • Small, Medium and Large Water Cooled Power Cables
  • Insulated Cable Assembles

Our water cooled cables and jumpers met all automotive resistance welding standards and are available in standard length sizes as well as custom lengths.


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