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Chemicals and Plastics Industry

We design and manufacture a full array of products for the chemicals and plastics industries including high current switches for electrolytic processes, metals refining and Chlor-Alkali production, as well as custom industrial hoses used in many manufacturing processes. Watteredge’s high quality products are rugged and dependable, making them a top choice for these aggressive industrial environments.

High Current Switches for Electrolytic Processes and Chlor-Alkali Metals Refining

Watteredge is a major supplier to the global chemicals and plastics manufacturing sectors. Our high performance high current switches are custom fabricated for increased safety, reliability and longer life in power supply isolation, circuit sectionalization SPST/DPDT and DC current conduction applications.

Our vacuum switch features our unique vacuum contact module that provides superior performance in the harsh environments of electrolytic cell applications, particularly in Chlor-alkali and metals refining processes.

Watteredge High Current DC Switches used in Chemicals and Plastics manufacturing applications include:

  • Isolating /Disconnecting Switches
  • Fixed Vacuum Contact Switches
  • Portable Vacuum Contact Switches
  • Solvent Extraction Electrowinning Shorting (SXEW) Frames

Custom Industrial Hoses and Specialty Tubing for Chemical and Plastics Manufacturing Processes

Our custom fabricated industrial hoses can be found in chemical and plastics manufacturing operations all over the world. Watteredge has the industrial hose and tubing custom fabrication experience needed to produce high performance application specific hoses.

Our industrial hose and tube products offer durable and custom hose solutions designed for optimal performance, reliability and long life. We start with an engineered design and end with the successful installation of the completed product, providing end-to-end custom hose solutions.

Watteredge Hose and Specialty Tubing products used in Appliance Industrial Hose and Tubing Applications

  • Chemical Transfer Hose
  • Industrial Air Hose
  • Industrial Water Hose
  • Material Handling Hose
  • Industrial Specialty Hose
  • Specialty Tubing

We offer additional hose and tubing customization options including: soft cuffs, built in nipples, cover styles, electrical conductivity compounds, additional heat resistance compounds and oil resistance compounds.

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