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Medical Industry

Watteredge supplies custom fabricated copper products to the medical industry for use in MRI diagnostic imaging applications. Our DC current conducting products including flexible connectors, laminated shunts and copper grounding bars provide high power density with excellent conducting performance.

We utilize our own in-house CNC machining to deliver tight tolerances from our extensive capabilities that include waterjet cutting, CNC Bending, CNC Milling, CNC Turning and metal punching and forming. Secondary machining options including plating, powder coating and insulation choices.

Flexible Connectors, Copper Grounding Bars and Custom Fabricated Copper Conductors for MRI Diagnostic Imaging DC Power and Thermal Control Applications

Watteredge provides application specific flexible connectors, grounding bars and custom fabricated copper products needed for high current DC power and thermal control applications for use in MRI diagnostic imaging.

Our high current DC power conducting products are a top choice for ensuring power quality. Watteredge’s custom fabrication capabilities ensures that all MRI imaging power quality specifications are met.

Watteredge DC power products used in MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) applications include:

  • Braided flexible connectors
  • Insulated Cables /Cable Assemblies
  • Laminated Shunts
  • Custom Fabricated Copper to Aluminum Transition Pieces
  • Copper Grounding Bars

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