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Metals Refining Industry

We design and manufacture a full array of products used in electrolytic metals refining including high current switches, flexible connectors, power cables and custom industrial hoses.

Watteredge has been consistently providing extremely reliable and durable high power switches and switch assemblies including on-load switches and off-load disconnectors designed for DC circuits for over 40 years. Our custom fabricated polarity reversing switches and fixed vacuum contact switches with proprietary vacuum interrupter technology utilize proven technologies that deliver robust performance requiring little maintenance.

We also manufacture aluminum bus bars, copper bus bars and copper grounding bars designed to customer specific requirements. Every custom fabricated product provides the robust performance required for effective power distribution needed in complex metal refining operations.

Our custom industrial hoses, power cables and industrial flexible connectors are a top choice for specific processes including electrolytic copper, manganese, zinc and aluminum refining.

High Current Switches and Custom Fabricated Bus Bars for Metals Refining Plating Applications

Watteredge specializes in providing products that deliver superior performance in the aggressive environments of metals refining processes, particularly plating operations. Our high quality products are rugged and dependable, making them a top choice for these harsh environments.

Watteredge power distribution products used in plating applications include:

  • Isolating /Disconnecting Switches
  • Fixed Vacuum Contact Switches
  • Polarity Reversing Switches
  • Aluminum Bus Bars
  • Copper Bus Bars
  • Copper Grounding Bars

Custom Industrial Hoses, Flexible Electrical Connectors and Power Cables for Electrolytic Copper, Manganese, Zinc and Aluminum Refining Operations

Watteredge custom fabrication capabilities including manufacturing of extremely durable water cooled power cables and water cooled coaxial cables designed to provide maximum reliability in high current applications.

Our braided flexible connectors, insulated cable assemblies and laminated shunts are also designed specifically for each application specification while providing optimal electrical performance with low voltage loss. Our electrical connectors are engineered to be durable while consistently delivering maximum power at peak efficiencies.

Application specific hoses are custom assembled with a wide range of options and features to outperform in the most demanding electrolytic processes. Our industrial hoses and specialty tubing can be found in metals refining operations all over the world.

Watteredge Flexible Connectors, Power Cables and Hose products used in Metal Refining include:

Custom Industrial Hoses

  • Chemical Transfer Hoses
  • Industrial Air Hoses
  • Industrial Water Hoses
  • Material Handling Hoses
  • Specialty Tubing

Industrial Power Cables

  • Intermediate-sized Water Cooled Cables
  • Water Cooled Coaxial Cables

Industrial Flexible Connectors

  • Braided Flexible Connectors
  • Insulated Cable Assemblies
  • Laminated Shunts


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