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Telecommunications Industry

Watteredge is a key supplier to the telecommunications industry. Our bus bars, grounding bars and flexible electrical connectors are used in low voltage systems for telecommunications equipment.

Our DC current conduction products help data centers achieve appropriate levels of uptime to keep pace with modern business demands. Watteredge ’s grounding solutions for data centers and equipment rooms include data communications grounding bus bars, DC current conduction bus bars, telecommunications grounding bus bars and main grounding bus bars.

Grounding Solutions for Data Centers and Equipment Rooms

Watteredge‘s custom manufactured copper ground bars can be found in cell towers and central telecom offices across the US. Our complete line of custom fabricated braided flexible connectors, insulated cables and laminated shunts are utilized in nationwide telecom backbones.

Our full service machine shop enables us to design and custom fabricate telecom and datacom grounding bus bars for OEM customers with large or small run needs. This gives us a more cost efficient ability to fabricate to exact customer specifications for a wide range of quantity requirements.

Watteredge’s comprehensive custom manufacturing capabilities to exact specification ensures the low resistance corrosion-free contact needed by our customers.

Datacom Grounding and DC Current Conduction Solutions for Datacom Systems

We understand the sensitivity of datacom systems electronic equipment requires quality products for effective system grounding. Our datacom grounding bus bars and telecom grounding bus bars and main grounding bars are an integral part of ensuring that networks can work effectively and safely well into the future.

Watteredge electrical bus bars, grounding bars and flexible connectors used in Telecom and Datacom applications include:

  • Braided Flexible Connectors
  • Laminated Shunts
  • Insulated Cable Assemblies
  • Aluminum Bus Bars
  • Copper Bus Bars
  • Copper Grounding Bars
  • Custom Fabricated Copper to Aluminum Transition Pieces


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