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Furnace Power Cable Reconditioning and Repair 

Southwire is equipped to handle the reconditioning, repair and rebuilding of electric arc furnace cables and electric arc furnace holders, regardless of manufacturer. This process extends the service life of your investment.

Our cable repair procedures include:

  • Inspection
  • Bumpers, sheathing and outer hose cover removed
  • Conductors tested
  • Terminals checked for stresses and distortions
  • Water passages examined

Reconditioning and Repair

  • Water passages cleared of deposits
  • Terminal pads straightened and contact surfaces silver plated. New outer hose covering installed and covered with new sheathing
  • New anti-chafing gear or bumpers installed


If copper wire conductors have completely deteriorated, new wire along with new core hose or filter spring is soldered to original terminals, which can be reconditioned or replaced.

Field Welding & Repairs

Personalized 24 hour emergency service is another key advantage.

If your production problems require it, our expert technicians will go to your plant to perform timely repairs on-site without removing your manufacturing equipment. Our repairs are made requiring less downtime.




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