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CNC Bending

Our CNC machine shop is equipped to provide full service CNC bending capabilities including 1D bending and hand bending. We work with all types of metals including all grades of copper, aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel.

Southwire is capable of bending parts up to 135 tons and 6 foot wide to tight computer controlled tolerances of bend location.

We also have the ability to take samples or rough sketches and provide our customers with a finished CAD drawing including complete sets of technical drawings of all parts and assemblies prior to production. When reverse engineering obsolete or broken parts, we can provide detailed plans along with the new custom fabricated part.

CNC Bending Technology

  • 5 axis CNC-controlled bending system
  • The 4-cylinder drive technology in our press brake reduces sagging in the beam, and its flat construction leaves plenty of edge clearance for bending -combined with a self-regulating crowning system , we can deliver precise bending results
  • Advanced drive technologies guarantee a low energy consumption
  • The use of modern hydraulic oil eliminates the need for frequent oil changes making it a greener process
  • The automatic shutdown of the hydraulics in longer downtimes reduces energy consumption

CNC Bending Capabilities

TruBend 3066 Press BrakeTruBend 3066 Press BrakeCincinnati 135 Ton

Press force

660 kN

1200 kN

Bending length

2080 mm

1800 mm

Usable open height

420 mm

400 mm


420 mm

400 mm


200 mm

203 mm

Rapid speed

200 mm/s

75 mm/s

Max. working speed

20 mm/s

10 mm/s


Manual or CNC






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